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Granby and Rebun explore the design-and-aesthetic potential of vinyl wallcovering. Vescom’s in-house design team have harnessed their deep understanding of and respect for woven textiles, working with embossment to combine the human-centricity of soft textiles with the benefits of vinyl wallcovering. The two new designs have a linen look: Granby updates the classic herringbone pattern while Rebun has an all-over textile weave pattern, two distinct yet related products that can be used separately or in combination. 

Granby, Rebun and Delta share a soft, homelike colour palette and the strength and durability to meet the highest demands of commercial interiors. See how these three vinyl wallcoverings work singularly and in harmony with our free sample pack.


Please note that our samples are reserved for professional customers. We do not sell our products directly to individuals for private use.



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