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a material lab and meeting place for architects and designers

Our Stockholm showroom lies in the heart of one of the city’s most vibrant districts, Södermalm – a stone’s throw from Medborgarplatsen, Söderhallarna. On the ground floor of Fatburssjön 10, better known as Fatburen, we share a space with a handful of select design brands – Blå Station, Zero Belysning and Källemo Collection AB 100%. More than just a space for showing products, our ‘material lab’ is a meeting place for the architectural and design community – a chance to be inspired and play with our materials to immediately see a project come together.

Vescom Stockholm showroom - 2

interior material solutions

The interior design concept works entirely within the existing architecture, showcasing how to best apply Vescom’s interior material solutions. What’s more, the showroom highlights how to work with the combination of Vescom products, representing the holistic world of Vescom. From the wallcovering to the furniture upholstery to the curtains hanging in the space, everything effortlessly comes together to form a cohesive material story through texture, colour and look and feel.
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be inspired by the family of Vescom products

Different material gestures balance the vertiginous interior, both emphasizing its height and humanizing its scale. A railroaded floor-to-ceiling curtain custom designed and produced by Vescom showcases the possibilities of digital printing, for instance, while towering cushion displays add warmth and fresh, contemporary colours to the scheme. A graphic wall display, on the other hand, introduces an extra dimension to the room. Interior architect Bas van Tol sees this display as a sort of stage set, seemingly expanding the space through the illusion of perspective. A focal point for the story of Vescom textile and vinyl wallcovering, the display sees a variety of textures and colours cover the ‘walls’, ‘ceiling’ and ‘floor’ of this room within a room. Upholstery fabrics at the forefront of the ‘stage set’ add further depth and dimension to the overall atmosphere.
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connect with clients and partners

If the space is the scenography then the architects and designers are the performers. They can take a seat at a workstation, comfortably taking their time to browse through Vescom’s materials and make selections. They can connect with clients and partners in a design-focused setting to be inspired by the solutions on show. ‘Vescom’s “material lab” is a meeting place for professionals who work with textiles and wallcovering for all kinds of contract environments,’ says Janne Wetterlind, managing director of Vescom AB. ‘Here you can sit down, be inspired and play with all kinds of coordinated materials and colours, and immediately see a project come together. The whole idea is about simplicity and ease.’
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highlighting the functionality of Vescom products in practice

Various zones in the showroom highlight the functionality of Vescom products, almost all of which are designed and manufactured in our own facilities. The meeting room features sound-absorbing acoustic sheers alongside Walltalkers, a wallcovering that doubles as a magnetic writable surface and projection screen, making it ideal for offices, meeting and training facilities, marketing departments and design studios. The addition of dim outs emphasizes the benefit of these curtains for such spaces as conference rooms, classrooms and lecture theatres, where projectors demand certain light conditions. In the working area, a room-height seamless custom wallcovering designed and produced by Vescom combines our digital printing expertise with Porak, a new sustainable surface that incorporates recycled polyester. And, making an eye-catching seating statement, Blå Station’s BOB sofa system is upholstered in a striking yet subdued array of Vescom velvet mohairs.
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Vescom Stockholm showroom sofa upholstered in velvet mohairs

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To be inspired by the world of Vescom in person, visit our material lab. Schedule a visit via e-mail, give us a call on 031-123 410 or just drop by!


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